Thursday, March 12, 2020

Can the government pla essays

Can the government pla essays Court challenge to order on brain-damaged woman expected this week by the associated press is an age old story in it self. About a women named Terri Schiavo whom which is in what doctors call a persistent vegetative state otherwise known as a coma, which has not changed in the last decade, due to heart failure from a chemical imbalance in early 1990.The battle between two sides of her family one who wants to take Shiavo off of life support and let her die a peaceful death. While the other side wants to keep her alive because they believe she is still going to wake up. Who is right and who is wrong? Well according to the Florida Supreme Court Shiavos husband is right and her feeding tube was removed and doctors said she should pass painlessly and without trauma in a matter of weeks. Well days later the Florida legislature Jeb Bush ordered the reinsertion of the feeding tube, clearly a violation of Shiavos constitutional right to fefuse medical attention. Additionally it shows a breach of conduct in the checks and balances of the United States. After all who is to say the legislature has the power to break a court order deciding whether or not a family member has or does not have the right to decide their own families demise in this situation and what will stop it from happening again. As a result Shiavos parents and husband are now once again involved in a debate whether or not to keep their daughter and wife on life support. It all began back in early 1990, when Terri Shiavo suffered heart complications due to a chemical imbalence. Well since that day she has been in a vegetable like state. Doctors say she has no brain activity and no signs of ever regaining conciousnes and Shiavos husband agrees with them on the removal of her feeding tube. However, Shiavos parents are a different story, they do not ...

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